Console Wars

Whatya got?

BTW this has probably been done before.

If price isn’t a problem, PS3 is the way to go (from experience … the graphics are incredible). $50-60 per game is a lot though … WORTH IT.

Well, the Xbox definately has the better share of games, the only advantage the PS3 has is it’s excessivley large hard drive, and by far the best MLB game, The Show.

PS3 has some amazing games… MLB 08, Resistance 2, MGS4, Little Big Planet, Civilization Revolution, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Battlefield, and so many others that I can’t even post.

Trust me, you get a PS3 and you will have no shortage of games. :wink:

I voted for the Wii, those things are fun. My favorite game on there is Tiger Woods its pretty hard but so increadibly fun.

I voted for PC because that’s the only one I’ve got :x

And Defalco, you’re sig is wrong.

I was a fan of Hamels the moment he pitched for my team. :lol:

I got a 360. I love playing on LIVE with my homies!!

I hate em all…with a passion…we started with a Timex Sinclair…had an Atari, a Sega, a Sega Genesis, a Sega Gamegear, too stinkin many pc’s to even count…starting with a monochrome IBM dual floppy drive…laptops…on top of laptops…Gateway, NEC, HP, I currently have a Panasonic ToughBook… :shock: a Dell…now this Presario…Nintendo, Nintendo handhelds galore…PS1, PS2…I want my money back…$50 a pop for games… :nosleep: It’s a conspiracy against parents… :chair:
I just wish I could get hold of the guy who ran Sega… :shocking: Oh would he “feel my pain”…

Who here spends more time (hour-wise) playing video games than exerising or pitching? I do.

Think about it. A game= 2 1/2 hours. You can play video games for hours on end.

I play about 15 min a week lol

Ohhh… not me. :shock:

Lots, and lots…

[quote=“Bakersdozen”]And Defalco, you’re sig is wrong.

I was a fan of Hamels the moment he pitched for my team. :lol:[/quote]

He was on my fantasy team. I rooted for him, too.

Believe it or not I play Civilization II with regularity…not as much as I write but I do play it…it’s very relaxing.

On that note, before I got my PS3 I was addicted to Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III for my Mac (yeah I have a Mac). Still great games, although not up to par with console games.

Ah Civilization.

Good for you, JD. :wink:


Goldeneye is beast.

Just… not the same beast that has evolved today.

Wow great choice.
One of the best games that ever came out for that system

Off-Topic is my refuge because I can’t contribute to many of the higher-leve topics.

I know nothing about weight-lifting and can’t analyze mechanics with the others.

:lol: :cry: