Consistent Fatique


Last few weeks I’ve been feeling pretty darn run down. School pushes me to the limit on most days with mental function and my oasis is the gym, lifting has become an absolute haven for me but I’ve come to notice pretty much anytime I get around something comfortable I just wanna lay down and sleep. Baseball open gyms have been completely taxing, the running, massive amounts of conditioning and what not have left me feeling totally drained mentally and physically. Let alone the fact that I seem to feel like my body has nothing left when it comes to pitching.

I’m sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours a night, the diet’s completely clean as of three months ago, drinking plenty of water. Anyone have any suggestions to fight through it. Season starts monday, I’ve had a great offseason, but I’d love to have a fresh hop in my step come monday.

Also do any of you guys have any suggestions for leg stiffness and soreness, it’s all from a combination of lifting and running, and a lack of hydration at practice.


Sounds like its time for a “deload”

There’s many ways to do it, but you pretty much just need a week to reset. Probably the most popular is cutting volume in half and no maxing.

I tend to just shut it down for a week and make sure to stay active with my sport and stuff like hitting the track or pickup basketball.

Basically, your body wants you to take it easy, and doing so will make you come back even stronger.

Listen to your body. It will drop some big hints. Some lifters have been known to warm up and just kill the day entirely if they feel bad. Just have to experiment and find out what works for you.