Consistency help

Hello, im new to this website. I pitch currently for a local babe ruth league and i will pitch next year for JV/varsity. This is year i put up good numbers for never pitching before, i had an ERA under two, a 21-4 SO/BB ratio, and ive thrown two five-inning-no-hit ball. But my problem is that i can never get all of my pitches consistent. I have a Fourseam fastball that is usually 70, a changeup, a big curve and a cutter. Its just some games my fastball will brush 80 but my curve wont work and other games my cutter will be nasty but i loxe 15 (!) mph off of my fastball.
Any help would be appreciated i just dont want to go into JV helter-skelter like this.

im the same way.i dont throw that hard and when i get my fastball in the low sixties i have a hard time with my curve and change up. my last start i had a great outing 6 innings pitched 8 k’s and and 1 walk.

allright thanks, ill just have to work hard on it then. At least im not the only one. Thats an awesome start.

It sounds like maybe you are using different deliveries or arm angles for the different pitches. That might explain why you cannot consistently throw all your pitches. Get someone to video tape you throwing each of your pitches and then look them over.

I don’t think the arm angle matters all that much—remember Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez, who used several different ones. But you have to be able to throw all your pitches, regardless of arm angle, with the same arm speed and the same arm motion, and it seems to me as I read your post that you haven’t been doing that. No wonder the batters have been picking up on your stuff! So I would suggest that you work on this aspect of pitching, maybe with the help of a good pitching coach.
I remember when I was playing, many moons ago, and we were facing a team with a starting pitcher who had a beautiful slow curve—one of the prettiest I had ever seen—but the stupid was telegraphing it! He would twitch his elbow in a peculiar way when he was going to throw it, and worse yet, he slowed down his arm speed—a no-no in any pitcher’s book. We picked up on that immediately and knocked him out of the box in the early innings, without fail. So you need to avoid that. :slight_smile: