Considering Making the Jump to D1

Recently, I’ve been contemplating making the jump from a D3 program to a D1 team. I am a senior this upcomming year, but wont graduate because I’m a dual major. Does it even make sense to transfer to a big program so late in my college career? This past season I hit 91 and was wondering if teams would even consider taking a player in their last year. In the colder weather I consistantly throw 88, but as the season went on my velocity increased. However, I had to cut the season short because I strainged a forearm muscle pitching on short rest for about a month and a half. I have not used my redshirt, and am always in the gym getting stronger. What is everyones opinion? I’m interested to hear them. Almost forgot, my main pitches were a Fastball and a pretty good Change-Up. I can also throw a slider, but didnt use it as much this season.

Have you had interest expressed by a school or are you just going to take a shot?

just looking to take a shot. the last few years i have played for a rebuilding program so we dont get that much exposure.

I think I’d have to have some form of reassurance, it is your last year of eligability. Have you been to any mlb try out events? Where do you fit on the scale? I’d at the very least make sure I knew how the transfer would effect things, and weight that against whatever benefits it may provide. Can you talk honestly to someone within your program? Man its gonna be ballsy, I sure hope it works to your avantage…Good Luck!

i’d love to do some MLB tryouts, but i havent been living here that long so i’m not sure where to look. i know people within the cardinals org, but i’ve never asked them about anything since i do have that year left. the biggest downfall to me is that it’ll be alot harder to get ANY exposure playing for a d3 school. the next level is something i would definitely like tp pursue, i think i have the work ethic to make it past the college level.