Considering a transition from Overhand to sidearm/submarine

Hey Guys, I’m a 15 year old Sophomore pitcher who is considering a change from overhand to sidearm or submarine. I have a highly experienced pitching coach who has transformed multiple overhand pitchers to D1 successful pitchers. He says its my choice and he thinks its a good idea. I have arm problems and lack velocity as I max out around 74-76. I throw almost just as hard sidearm as overhand with great break. Any tips on what I should do and how I can be successful as either a sidearmer or submarine pitcher and which should I go for? Thanks guys any help would really help.

Thanks, Dylan

Our high school had a guy transform to sidearm this year. The natural run on the fastball and cut on his slider made him very effective. His speed was right about yours and the lower slot alleviated his arm pain because he didn’t try to throw hard. His control was much improved. He will possibly play for a small local college team. He wouldn’t have had that option without the change.

Good luck,


Go for it, Dylan!
The sidearm delivery is the most natural and the easiest on the arm and shoulder—I should know, because in my playing days many moons ago I was a true, natural, dyed-in-the-wool sidearmer with a consistent release point. I wasn’t particularly fast, but I could throw hard, I used a slide-step (which added some speed to my delivery), and I picked up and made very good use of the crossfire. You say your pitching coach is all in favor of this transition, so go for it. You may gain some velocity; what you definitely will gain is more control and command of your pitches, and if you can add the crossfire to your arsenal you will be just about unhittable! Not to mention less arm trouble, if any. So I say, welcome aboard to this specialized aspect of the bump.

Agree with the other recommendations. Commit and keep working hard!

Hey guys just a quick update today I couldn’t throw a strike to save my life today so i’m officially gonna transfer to sidearm. Please any mechanical or any tips about sidearm pitching would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, please help me decide between sidearm and submarine.

Sorry to hear that… get us some video posted.

@Zita_Carno Hey man I have a lot of questions about sidearm any way I could contact you through email?

I don’t use e-mail any more—too many problems—but you can reach me via a private message, and ask all the questions you want. I’ll do my best to answer them. And congratulations on the move to sidearm!