Consequences of not Running After Pitching

What happens if you don’t do light cardio after pitching? A lot of times I’m very busy after games and I can’t always do a light jog. Are there any negative drawbacks?

longer recovery, sorer arm, possibly injury. what do you have to do thats more important than keeping a healthy arm?


You need to take ownership of your own arm care.

Is there anything that can be done later if I don’t have the time after the game?

I believe I’ve heard House say you can do your cardio any time within the first 3 hours after you pitch.

Yeah, I ran after yesterday’s game and today my arm feels great!

i heard u could do it 24hrs after u pitch

What I like doing is right after I’m done pitching is going out and running 10 sprints (90 feet) and redoing all of the stretches I did before I pitch. Then icing for 30+ minutes. Then the next day go out and do a 30 minute jog.