Conquering the urge to paint the corners

whats the best way to deal with the urge to keep the ball away from the middle of the plate? what ways work for you

move over on the mound. Me i pitch from the left side of the mound. Its just something i feel more comfortable with. some days i wouldnt have that groove and all my pitches would be away to a righty, so i would move over to the right a bit. try it out. Since your problem is throwing down the pipe. Move to the left or right a bit. but think on the bright side, at least your able to throw strikes consistently :lol:

Good advice. Get your catcher to set up too. Many catchers don’t move their feet behind the plate, and always set up right down the middle – especially in high school. Get your catcher to not just move his glove to the corners, but his entire body. You’ll get more calls off the corners from the ump!

Right on! You know, there’s no such thing as trying to “conquer the urge” to pitch around the corners. You actually have to be able to do just that—work the corners. As much as possible, stay away from the middle of the plate, especially “middle in”, because that’s where the batters like it. It’s right in their wheelhouse.
Next time you watch a major league game, watch the catcher—someone like Jorge Posada, Victor Martinez, one of those guys—and watch how that catcher moves around, positions himself. You need to be able to go with that. I’ll tell you something—many moons ago, my pitching coach told me about moving the ball around, high, low, inside, outside, working the corners, staying away from the middle of the plate as much as possible. And that advice worked beautifully. Not having a fast ball to speak of, I had to go to the “snake jazz”—breaking stuff—and believe me, I made good use of it. :wink: :slight_smile:

I think you are confusing not challeging hitters with painting corners (Nibbling) umps can see if you aren’t challenginig the hitters…for some reason unknown to man-kind they shrink the plate when they don’t see confidence. Steven and Zita are both correct and great pitchers live on the corners…but they have to establish…You do have to work with your catcher…hopefully he’s not the chubby kid who can’t do much else… :wink: …but actively work the plate…come at em with your best to their weakness…think about how hard it is to hit a pitch say inside…over the belt (The batter better be quick handed AND strong to pull that off and hit a fair ball)…show the ump that you command your stuff and you’ll be coming back on here telling everyone how to paint them for success.


Great post, JD!

Right on JD. It’s amazing how an inside and outside pitch can mess with a hitter. I did my own little experiment while throwing BP during tryouts to the JV players. If I hit the inside or outside corner it was a weak hit, but the second I grooved one down the middle it was a rip. Also don’t get discouraged if someone hits one of your pitches that you place very well. Just watch a MLB game and listen to the commentator I gurantee you more than once you will hear him say, “well that looked like a good pitch on the outside corner but [batter] waited and drove it to right field.”

Hitters are going to beat you sooner or later but you have to limit that and pitching to the corners will really limit that. If your throwing BP down the middle they’re chance of doing something good with the ball, drastically increases. Once when I was batting the pitcher gave me a nice pitch inside blew it by me a bad swing and miss. The ump said strike 1, looking or swinging. Nice pitch. Trust us it does work.

I want to add something, your young 14. Chances are you won’t play teams with good batters. When I mean good batters, the ones who can wait on a slow pitcher and drive a pitch the other way or can catch the fast guys and take it center or to left, RHB. Your probably going to face a majority of kids that have one basic swing. To pull everything to left or right up the middle. Ok, lets use our brains here. We’ll start with example 1. Your a good pitcher, throw heat for your age and can really blow it by someone. Now this is for those hitters I talked about the ones that don’t adjust well. If you can blow it by. Go with the inside corner. If you hit the inside corner if he does make contact and he is behind you then he’ll have a weak grounder probably not a good hit especially if he’s behind. Now say you throw one outside corner. He’s going to have the same swing, behind your pitch but instead of a weak dribbler he might take it to right field. He did exately what he’s supposed to but not on purpose. Outside ptiches are supposed to be waited on and hit farther back. Since your fast you just did that for him. You allowed him to wait (not on purpose though) on a pitch and hit it the other way.

Situation 2. Your a slower pitcher and most guys are ahead of you. Instead of pitching to the inside move on the outside and force them to wait on you and hit it to right. If your slow and throw it inside even though the batter is jumping out ahead of the pitch, its doing no harm because he’s ahead of it like he should. Now say you throw outside corner. Now if he’s ahead of it and pulls it, unless he gets ahold of it real good he’s going to hit it to the left side of the infield hopefully for an out.

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t full proof and doens’t mean you should pitch to only one corner. You do need to use both but consider trying this out especially earlier in a game when they might not be used to you. Once they catch on you’ll have to change it up a bit. And hopefully you have good offspeed stuff to compliment this. I would bet that if you did this to a freshman or JV team you can get out of 3 innings with throwing only fasbtalls. If you can locate them.

Also this is tricky against varisty players once you start playing good hitters that adjust their first at bat the chance of this working goes down.

Nice topic guys…

For obvious reasons as pitchers we want to avoid the middle of the plate. Start looking at the plate as if it were divided into thirds. Outer third, middle third, and inner third. If we can keep the ball on the outer third or the inner third, and down, we’re going to have success. The reasons I like thirds instead of corner, is because alot of times pitchers give hitters too much credit. As jd said, don’t nibble! Challenge!

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