Congrats to Dino - LTP Hall of Fame

I just wanted to congratulate Dino on his induction to the Let’s Talk Pitching - Hall of Fame. Since 2006, I think his posts have been some of the best on the site and I think we all appreciate his contributions. Thanks, Dino-rama! :clapping:

Hear, hear…


Way to go man…you rock!

Congrats Dino!

Congrats Dino! In all honesty man, you should have gotten in before me, you have made some of the best posts on this site.

Really all the thanks goes to Steve and all the administrators for keeping this forum going. I checked into LTP in the Fall of 2006 looking to help my 15 year old son get to pitch in college.

The first post was actually my son:

[quote]RHP, 15yoa, 6’6", FB 77, will be going into my sophmore year.
Anyone have some advice for off season work? I’d like to pitch in college.[/quote]

Now four years later, he has one college year under his belt and looking to make it two.

My buddy JD has been hangin with me since the beginning. Thanks for showing me how its done brother. Now 999 pitiful posts later, I’m still around.

But before I go I want to share this…also in the fall of 2006 I spent my last Thanksgiving with my dad playing no-limit hold em poker at the family table. I couldn’t know that by New Year’s he’d be gone.

I promised him that I’d share everything he ever taught me about baseball, being a man, being mentally tough, doing the right thing, facing crisis, working with personal pride, honoring your commitments, putting your family first and a million other positive traits he modeled for me every day of his life. I like to think more of him has been in these posts than me. The truth is I couldn’t have held his cleats on a baseball field nor in life. If we are lucky we have these memories of our fathers and our mothers. I have been very lucky. Dad’s favorite country singer was a guy named Eddie Arnold. He did covers of Eddie’s songs all the time. I’d fall asleep listening to dad play and sing “Cattle Call”. It will mean nothing to any of you but on this occasion I figure I can take advantage…In honor of my dad…LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Arnold.

I’d say you’re keeping your promise. :allgood:

congrats DINO! well deserved brotha

Hi Dino—congratulations and welcome aboard! :smiley: 8) :clap:

:applaud: congrats dino! you make great post an you deserve it.

P.S. god luck to your son :baseballpitcher: :homeplate:

U Da Man

[size=18]No…U Da Man[/size]

lol dino. but [size=24][/size]U DA MAN