I had a double header yesterday. 14u travel team. First travel games ever. I had only pitched in rec league. We were down 8-2. Coach had like no one else so he put me in. First batter I threw a strike, then another one, the another one. First K. I did this for another two batters with only 2 balls thrown that inning. That didn’t stop. 8 strikeouts, we won 8-9.

That may seem good but the thing is I don’t know how I did this.
I was known by my friends and teammates to be wild, and inaccurate. In practice I always missed the strike zone, but I don’t know what happened yesterday. Is it just a mind game? It was my first travel game and I did better than rec. Just wondering how I can keep this up

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As strange as this may seem, it’s not all that usual.


Did you ever try something for the first time, after being shown how to do it, then to your surprise - and everyone else’s, do remarkably well?

When you have little or no experience with a situation, a condition and in a very different surrounding, a person has very little in the way of prior conditioning to lean on. Thus, your going purely by feel, without injecting a ton of impressions and a lot of guessing. So, with this change in environment and what you were - and did, do before, you had nothing more than “try”. And it worked rather well.

A Hall of Famer Yogi Berra was quoted one time as saying, something like… " How can a guy think and hit at the same time…" In essences, what Yogi was saying was … just play ball… don’t think about it…

In my opinion… I think you did what Yogi was suggesting. You just pitched.

That makes a lot more sense when you put it like that. When I was looking back I don’t remember thinking about anything but if the count was a strike or ball. Thanks for your help

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