Confused, Why is Velocity so low?

Hi to start off I’m a senior in high school, I started playing baseball my freshman year, my high school is Estero High School and has had a very prestigious varsity program. I got cut my freshman year but picked the game up in about 2 years, the coaches are astounded by my ability in such a short time by my senior year iv finally made varsity, I have a 4 Seam, 2 Seam, Sinker, Circle Change, and a Curve. The problem I’m asking to some whatbe answered is that my velocity is very low, especially at the varsity level, I barley break 70. The only reason I’m on varsity now is because I have such wicked movement on all my pitches even great hitters have a hard time getting hit off me. I will try and post a video but currently do not have one, so if someone could bare with me and appreciate it slot.

So the best I can give you for now is that I’m 6-2/6-3 and about 135 lbs, I know I’m about 40lbs under weight I hit a growth spurt and I’m working on gaining weight. I have an about 75-80 inch wing span( hence my username bird) and a very high leg kick. The way I could describe my windup is an exact combination of Justin Verlander and Nolan Ryan’s wind up(this is my natural windup, I didn’t strive for it). I’m trying to wonder why I throw 70 and there is another guy just like me who is 6-3/6-4 and 140/145lbs and throws about 92 mph.

So is there anything anyone can give me such as advice, I mean I don’t know if its my timing or if I don’t glide my hips properly but this is very hard to tell with out a video but if somebody could just help me out id really really appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance.

Get some video posted from the 3rd base side and the front. I’m sure you will get some answers.

In the video just throw fastballs and give us at least 5 pitches worth of footage. There is almost nothing harder to analyze than a 1 pitch, 5 second video :roll:

How strong are you? My immediate guess is that, at that height, you lack a ton in strength, size, etc. Getting in the gym and getting strong would be the best way for you to physically gain velocity. You should be around 180 lbs at least at your height.