Confused on using the hips and front leg properly?


I am very confused on the action of the front leg and the hips in the delivery. Some people say that the front leg should be purposely extended toward the plate, while also opening the front foot consciously. While on the other hand, more advanced coaches say that a pitcher should try and keep the front leg back as long as possible. Thus delaying the hips, and making the hips rotate into footplant by themselves. If anyone could give any insight on this that would be great. Regarding if it is an active or passive motion with the front leg and hips.


Here’s a good read for you from Lantz Wheeler, think it’ll answer your question much better than I can. This is mostly discussing the role of the back hip vs front hip. In my opinion it’s an excellent explanation.


Okay thank you, I will give it a read.


Make your front leg passive. It’ll delay forward trunk tilt and it’ll be easier to stabilize.