how tog et back confidence after a bad outing?

Have a short memory. Really. In professional baseball, for instance, where there are 27 games a month, you’ve got to have a short memory because the turnaround till the next game is usually less than 24 hours. Whether you pitched well or poorly, put it behind you, and gear up for the next game.

Yep, I just had a rough outing myself (2/3 IP, 5 ER). I didn’t have much defence (3 botched outs) but can’t put the blame on them. That will do me NOTHING.

So, I’ll make some small adjustments to my mechanics and learn from this outing.

Even the best have bad outings, the key is not pitch scared, any one with experience will tell you once you start throwing without confidence and pitching scared you will be in trouble. If you have a bad outing or two relax itll work out just keep to the basics.