I am a 13 year old pitcher and I throw 2 main pitches Fastball and Changeup. However my coach won’t let me throw it and it frustrates me any suggestions

Throw it as in he wont let you throw the change-up?

Yeah all he wants me to do is throw hard and im a skinny kid so thats hard

Throw it anyway?

He isn’t out there on the mound with you, and in the end you are the one that is responsible for your own success or failure. If you do well on the mound, it shouldn’t matter what pitches you are throwing.

Do you rotate your wrist at all. When you throw it do you throw it just like a fastball, thats the only reason i can think of where you coach may be right in not wanting you to throw it. If you throw it just like your fastball then just throw it anyways.

No I don’t rotate my wrist at all and it looks just like a fastball. I would just throw it but my coach has pulled me for throwing “rainbows” and not throwing hard

It sounds like your coach is preventing you from developing for the sake of winning games. Even if you throw heat, you need to develop the ability to change speeds because as you grow older batters will catch up with your heat.

I suggest talking to your coach about this to try and work out a plan whereby you get to work on your change-up in practice until you’re good enough (and your coach is confident enough) to throw it in games.

I agree with Roger, keep working at changing speeds. A good pitcher who throws hard and has good offspeed turns into a great pitcher. My only other thought on why you coach would not want you to throw it is if its alot slower than your fastball and very noticeable when you throw it.

OK I don’t throw very hard so that might be it too. Thanks for your help I’m looking for a fall team to play on so I can work on it

Throw it anyway. I throw a screwball, and none of my coaches have ever said i could throw it, but it has proven itself very useful. For the time being throw your change-up as a strikeout pitch, and maybe on the middle of the count to skittish hitters. If your coach yells at you say that you released it wrong.

I wonder what reasoning your coach uses for not allowing a change-up. You mentioned a “rainbow”, and that may indicate that your change-up is easy to sit on and hit. I would video tape yourself and see if you are “telegraphing” the change, in other words, throwing with a different arm speed or general set up. When throwing that change, everything should tell the hitter “fastball”.

Furthermore, I disagree with those who would recommend that you throw it when your coach specifically tells you not to. That is, if you want to keep pitching. You may be ultimately responsible for how the pitch turns out, but its your coach who determines who plays and who sits.

Talk to him and get his input. Tell him you really want to learn to change speeds to screw up the hitter’s timing, and enlist the coaches help in doing it successfully. Ask him how to do it and what to work on, then go home and do it. Next practice, bring it out and show the coach what you’ve accomplished in your own time, and see how willing he is to help you become a better pitcher!