I never see anything about conditioning in here. So Ill put all the various conditioning routines we do at our school.

Pitcher Poles: 3 guys at a time sprint 3/4 the warning track, then jog the rest. When they get to the other end they do 30 crunches. When the last group of guys finishes the crunches, they count to 30 and do it again. We usually do 6.

Innings: Sprint along the infield grass 3 at a time. We usually do 10.

Agility drills: Set up 4 cones in a square with each side 20 yards long. Set up ladders some 10 yards away. Get everyone in a line. Sprint to the first cone, side step to the next on your right, back pedal to the one behind you, then side step to the one to your left. Next runner goes when runner in front of him reaches first cone. When you finish run off to the ladders and do them. Then repeat. We usually do like 15 each.

Palos Positions: Everyone stand next to the dugout. Everyone sprints to their position as they would at the beggining of inning. When last person gets there, coach calls everyone to sprint back. THen when everyone gets there they sprint to the next position. Do this for all 9 positions.

Rons: Everyone does leap frogs, jumps, suicides, and stuff like that. Then split program up into 3 groups. First group runs one lap around track holding bat straight up over their head. While they do this, 2nd group does crunches, 3rd group does bicycles. Groups switch off.

Rons 2: Everyone runs 2 laps on track, running backwards on straightaways, and running forwards on turns. Then do bleachers.

Sprints of Various Distances: Self explanatory.

All of these except Rons end with 150 crunches and 100 bycicles.

Pretty solid conditioning Jacobs

The great thing is they usually only take like 20 minutes to do.

Do you do all of those at the end of practice? During practice? Just a few at the end?

We usually do one at the end of 6th period.
If you guys thought we did all of those in 1 day, youd be insane.

Hahaha yeah i was gonna say…that’s pretty rough…but anyway even one of those should get your heart pumping and winded. Great exercises definitely might have to try some out.

They are pretty good.
We do them Monday-Thursday every week.
We did Palos Positions the second week of school and I thought I was gonna die.
But now we did them like 3 days ago and they were ALOT easier. I was still winded but I wasnt trying to just make it, I was trying to beat out all the other 3rd basemen running.

So you guys actually get a period to practice?? How long are the periods?

Yeah everyone in a sport has 6th period for that sport. It takes the place of PE. Except basketball who does it 0 period. Each period is 55 minutes long, and then we stay 20 minutes after the bell for conditioning. Every school around here does that.

I’m assuming that’s your last period? Well that’s pretty awesome…where do you live?

Yeah its our last period. Southern California. Your schools dont do that? I thought everyone did. We actually have 2 periods baseball related because we have 0 period (6:30) weightlifting. Its not really a class we have to show up for, but the coach wants us there.

That’s a pretty smart setup, does it count towards getting your HS Diploma or no?

Well I think we have to have 2 years of PE. But after those 2 years I dont know what they count as. Maybe elective? I hope so because I dont wanna take Spanish or French. Ill ask my coach and inform you of this later.

Thanks, I’ll be looking forward for the info!

wow thats awesome i wish my school did that. i like in mass and ive never heard of that we just have sports after the whole school day is over at 2;00

Sorry it took so long Wales, but the last 2 years of sports do count as electives. They dont count as fine arts electives, however, and neither does Wood. So that means I cant go to Wood 4 unless I have no open classes senior year, because I have to take Drawing, Spanish, French, or Ceramics. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Ah but an update.
Split the program into 3 groups, 1 group does sprints with sleds, the other does the square that was previously described, and the next group does ladders.