Concerned tingle in fingers and slight pain in my elbow


About 5 months ago my team had a tournament in California. My coach insisted on pitching me more than my ability, due to this I had extreme elbow pain at the end of our last game. For about a month after I couldn’t hold or grip anything becuase it shot pain through my arm. After 2 months of rest I decided to throw again slowly. At about 60-80% of my power my thumb and middle finger on my throwing arm become tingly, I’d say like hitting your funny bone. This also comes along with slight pain and discomfort on the under side of my elbow. Can anyone help me on whether or not I should see a doctor or if I should not worry at all.


Id go see a doctor.
Your coach is a moron.
You need to stick up for yourself too in the future. I you can’t go and he pushes you tell him to shove it.


I think you should have seen a doctor five months ago. But definitely need to get in there before throwing and figure out what’s up. Good luck!


Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Thank others for responding.


Doctor is probably going to need imaging and examination to figure it out. We could all start listing the things it could be but that won’t do you any good. Really too bad you were pushed to do too much. …


…and a nerve conduction study…fun!!! :joy:


My son went through a similar problem at age 16. It turned out to be tendonitis in the elbow. The tendon gets so inflammed that it actually touches the ulnar nerve (funny bone nerve), causing the same tingling sensation. They recommend 6-8 weeks of rest. He did 12-16 weeks. He was fine when he gradually started back with a throwing program. He’s now in college doing fine.


So sorry to hear his man. Go see a doc ASAP and do not throw a ball until you do so. I hate to scare you but I had pain in my elbow with my nerves getting tingly since this past spring season and just saw my doc Tuesday and I have to have Tommy John, I’ve been throwing mid upper 80’s with it for 7 months… Please go see your orthopedic physician ASAP, you might catch it early if its something serious or it might just be nothing. I hope its the latter. But still, you can never be too sure. Hope everything turns out good.

PS. When it comes to YOUR career, be SELFISH. Look out for yourself and whats best for you. Also, with that said, still be the hardest worker and the best teammate.