Compression sleeves

Help My son and I are having an argument over these phiten compression sleeves. That all the kids are wearing. He says he wants to wear while pitching because it feels good. I totally do not agree.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. He is a High school sophomore varsity pitcher RHP throwing about 85-88 mph. :?

i like to wear them… cuz they feel good :stuck_out_tongue:

the arm is under immense amounts of stress when it is moving 88mph. wearing a phiten compression sleeve helps reduce that stress.

if feels good and it releaves stress

I doubt they actually relieve stress, but if they feel good and you have 30 bucks to spare…go for it…

if your son is a sophomore in HS and is throwing 85-88 mph, I would strongly suggest getting him whatever he asks for if it makes him more comfortable on the mound. he will make you far more than that 30 dollars by getting a college scholarship.