Composite bats banned next HS season

Good idea or bad? My boy has taken two shots from composites while pitching during the summer season. He thinks it’s a great idea!


I am disappointed that it had to come to this…that bat manufacturers felt they had to produce such a lethal weapon in order to make money. The truth is I know composite bats placed in the hands of the right batter can be deadly. Obviously more so than a wood bat or a standard aluminum/metal bat.

Our four hole hitter on our Legion Team, just a sophomore in high school is a legit DI prospect hitter. Unsuspecting thirdbasemen, and pitchers have been injured and had near misses all summer long. Our third base coach typically warns the thirdbasemen to be on their toes. He swings a composite bat that is nicely broken in. He hit one right past the pitcher’s head in this weeks Region Tournament, and the pitcher never saw it until it caught grass behind secondbase. When you have back to back games in which you score 16 runs and 22 runs, then there have been alot of hard hit balls put in play and that ups the risks of a linedrive off the head or chest. Typically in Legion, the age differences are anywhere from college freshmen (19 yoa) to high school freshmen (14-15 yoa). That’s a big difference.

What does it say about the bat industry that this had to happen? “My bank account is worth more than your son’s life.”