Composite bats and cold weather

I have heard that Composite bats will crack during use in cold weather. Does anyone have any reccomendations on use during off season and cold conditions?

Get a good wood bat, tape the barrel, and go at it! Seriously, you should take BP with wood.

My son is only 9 going on 10, we do some drills with wood but there is too much difference between a wood bat and composite to use it during bp and have the same feel.

I see.

I know that there are wooden bats for little league age kids but I assume you already one. You can use aluminum but they have a tendency to dent in cold weather. As I understand it, the issue is the density of the ball and not the composition of the bat in cold weather (which I believe is the same issue with composite bats and the reason that bat manufacturers don’t recommend the use of composite bats with batting cage baseballs (they are too dense)).

One thing I’ve read is that you can offset the denting of an aluminum bats in cold weather by storing balls at room temperature rather than in the trunk of a car or inside a cold garage.

Hope that helps. I’m impressed that your son hits year 'round. Go get 'em!!