Complex Training

Now idk If it works or not I know there have been alot of people out there saying it training the motor system very well. All Complex training is where you do a 12Rep Max {RM} followed by a plyometric exercises similer to the exercises you just did. This is supose to train the FT II-B fibers.

Does anyone think this could work at all it’s very interesting to me and if it does help train for more FT II-B fibers and more motor units then I’m going to rearange my workout to make it complex I think.

What do you think?

Kc I would like to here what you have to say on this matter maybe you know more then me…?

Do you ever just stick with a workout and complete it, or do you change everything on a whim?

It appears that you never really give yourself the chance to complete a workout.

Well I have 5 more weeks of hypothrphy then I have phase 3 Strength where I would make the changes right now I’m not changeing phase 2.

Above Article About Complex training and how to intergrate it.

Ps. I’m trying to make my phase 3 workout better right now I’m in phase 2 so why not work on my phase 3 workout to make it better.

Why not talk it over with a Strength and Conditioning Coach or the guy who gave you the program you’re on now then since you want to make changes to whatever program it is that you’re on?

It’s Tuff Cuff lol

I can ask for advice from Kc and others that have knowledge in the field of different kinds of training I think they will be able to help from past times.

Just trying to make my phase 3 better nothing big.

So you’re not happy with the pogram then? Have you done the full program as it is originally?

I’m in phase 2 right now which is just to make the cell growth in the muscles bigger so you can do more intense workout later. I’ve never done phase 3 but week 1-4 on phase 3 will be done with my version I have rigth now but 5-8 will be more complex if that is the way to go.

Start Phase 2 on October 15
End Phase 2 on December 7th

Start Phase 3 1-4 on December 10th
Start Phase 3 5-8 December 13th END of Phase 3 on JAnuary 1st
tryouts end of feb or begin of march.

1 mounth till tryouts idk what i will do i know long toss and something else.

So you’ve never done TuffCuff entirely how it’s written???

I’m changing Tuff Cuff around to make it more effective ok. No i haven’t 1st year doing a tuff cuff workout but I’m going to make it the best workout I can make it with the best type of training.


Good Luck…

Doesn’t make sense to me why you’d do it

Because Tuff Cuff is a good base workout but it’s not explosive enough on lower body and I made a couple changes to fit my style of training to make it better.

Now back to the original post.

Kc do you have any advice or does anyone else know anything about complex training?

You’re not even giving it a chance

Ok well I know what I’m doing and know how to improve my power. Most of Tuff Cuff is left the same just a few adjustments to fit my needs. I’m making it better so I can preform better. I need to get to 78-80 mph and I’m determined to be ahead of most of the pitchers that are 16. So I’m trying to create the best workout I can if you would like to see some of the workout I have then IM me at Jay21328

For what it’s worth RIstar, I’ve trained like that and it does have it’s advantages like the article states.

I still think you’re never going to give any workout a chance though since new things come out so frequently now. Pick something and STICK with it!

I have lol now just IM me and we can talk there but I want to get back to the original post.

My aol/AIM is Jay21328

People who think they know everything in all reality know nothing, there’s a good chance you’re going to get hurt… You do know some stuff like I’ve said before, but you’re 15!! If you were oh so knowledgeable you’d be the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s good that you’re that determined, but you really need to but everything in perspective.

I’m done

Ok then just IM me please and I will show you some of phase 3 workout and you can tell me what’s good and bad. Now I have put everything in perspective and I know what I’m doing.

Ross Enamait talks about that method as a way to build speed strength. You are exploiting the after affect of high tension to activate the CNS then you continue with a high speed exercise. Since the CNS is triggered, the effectiveness of all subsequent work would be increased (Siff, 2003). The example that Ross gives is one armed pushups followed by throwing a small medicine ball.

You get a similar effect by combining isometric and dynamic exercises. An example of that would be something like hanging from a pullup bar for 30 seconds followed by a set of medicine ball slams.

Both utilize the after effect on your CNS.

So should I mix my workouts together like lower body and plyo’s on same day and upper body and upper body plyo’s on same day and then have another day for shoulders? So that I can train the CNS better?

I dont think you need to restructure your workouts. Remember that you are training speed strength through the after affect. That means small loads with extremely fast movements. If I understand the concept correctly, the technique is not going to add much more volume to your session, just change the emphasis.

CF seems to know a bit more about this than I do, so I’ll defer to him for more info.