Complete supination

a few weeks back in the angels -n- redsox series
i saw this pitcher for the angels that threw his curve with complete supination
at release he flipped his hand completly under the ball
his plam was facing up
he had almost perfect 12-6 break

i cant rember his name but he is white and a middle reliever for the angels
(no offense)

isnt this bad for his arm?

I wouldn’t recommend it. But the guy is a major leaguer so it’s done for him what he’s needed. The other part is, that has to show the pitch…so his success won’t last too long with it.
Funny (As in ironic not haha) thing there Kelvin, some guys get away with stuff that most wouldn’t recommend…why…well because they do…no real answer, except that human bodies are different and it may be that in some way his arm has this as it’s “normal” method of delivery.

He’s also an adult presumably with a mature skeletal system.

nastiest curve in the majors
funny mechanics
great pitcher

Was there slow-mo vid of him during the game? His hand is already supinated when his arm is cocked. This is how you should already be throwing a curve.

Actually he gets his wrist in a supinated position sooner than that.

I think its about time to stop asking the questions about whether it is good for you or not because a major leaguer is doing it. There is no completely right or wrong way to throw a certain pitch or right or wrong way with each individual piece to the mechanics.

Everyone has their own style that works for them, that is why you dont see everyone throwing completely over the top or 3/4.

So Kelvin, give it a rest, if it is working for them then great, whether it is the “right” way or not, doesnt really matter.

i never said it was right or wrong

i just thought it was odd that he the only one ive seen do this

[quote=“kelvinp”]i never said it was right or wrong

i just thought it was odd that he the only one ive seen do this[/quote]

What is it that Shields does that no one else does?

rotates his back fully before shoulder rotation
gets all the way under the ball no pronation

not saying nonethings wrong