Community College

Im planning on transferring to a community college near home to play baseball. The only thing is that i will only be there for one semester cause im a sophmore right now. The college is Sauk Valley if anyone had heard of it (Tanner if your reading this they played Indian Hills a few weeks ago and actually beat them). Anyway i just want your guys imput on the subject, whether to transfer or just work out and tryout for my D1 school again next year. Im topping out at about 85-87 right now.

Do you have any chance at all to make your current school’s team? Have you spoken to the team’s coach about your prospects of making the team, and/or going to a JuCo for seasoning?

As far as the JuCo, are you guaranteed to make the team there, or will you have to try out? Have you spoken to that coach? Do you have a short list of 4-year schools you would be interested to transfer to, upon finishing at the JuCo? Would these schools be able to see you play at the JuCo?

I guess all these questions point to one major question: what do you expect to accomplish by transferring for a semester? Figure out your goal, then work backward and make sure you’re making the correct steps to get there. Speaking to coaches is highly recommended — they might give you advice or ideas you haven’t considered. And, it will be a coach who makes the ultimate decision to carry you on a roster.

I myself right now am playing for a community college out in mass. This is my sophomore season there. I am a lefty pitcher throwing about 80 right now. Really trying to get that velocity up though because I rely on my off speed stuff as it’s really good, but setup with a fastball to try to sneak it past people.

 Were only a division 3 out here, but I am actually transferring to another division 3 four year college after this spring season is done to pitch for them. I really wish my velocity could be higher, but from what coaches have told me since I throw 90% of strikes all the time and barely any balls, the speed isn't really a factor with me.

 But community college is a good way to get noticed.