Common characteristics for certain ages

These clips have been grouped by age. I have put them together so that parents can see how ther pitcher looks relative to kids of the same age. Sometimes its hard to be a parent/coach because your sample size is so small.

Not to state the obvious, but it is clear that youth pitchers share characteristics by age. Generally it seems that the best nine year old pitcher will look more like other nine year old pitchers than he will look like a twelve year old pitcher. Perhaps physical maturity is a limiting factor on pitching mechanics development.

I would appreciate others’ thoughts on this.

[size=18]Nine year olds: [/size]

[size=18]Ten year olds:[/size]

[size=18]Eleven year olds:[/size]

[size=18]Twelve year olds:[/size]

10 Year Old - Early Spring

1st video was taken at the start of the spring LL season. L is about 5’4" and 125 lbs.

10 Year Old - Summer

2nd video is LL 10 U Tournament in July, two months later.

9U, 4’ 5", prior to him taking lessons and just on a rec. team.

10U, 4’ 7", started taking a few lessons and got involved in tournament ball and USSSA tournaments.

12U, 5’ 2", continued lessons, continued tournament ball and gave up any league play. (Got rocked on that pitch just a little)

13U, 5’ 7", still taking lessons, this was fall ball…

There is definately so much similarity to pitchers at every age group, I do agree some of it is just due to physical maturity at similar times but I think that just what their bodies can do at each age. The body style dictates how your arm will react and your legs move etc.

9 YEAR OLDS…not much thought should go into what nine year olds are doing outside of the basic fundamentals of any thing and every thing.