COMMENTS ON new vid , and fixes plz thanks:)

hey here is new vid from last week

problems i see

1: right leg flexes when i begin to stride(problem?)
2: short stride, causes me to hop back up ( this is addition to number on)(workin on that , going good, I see velocity improvement)
3: foot plant to middle of home and 1b( I need to foccus on movement, and if i do that i loose focus on just pitch the ball)
4: I seem to make my self small after i throw? could be camera view, or the step to 1b??

help help help

It seems to me that when you plant your foot it points almost directly to 1st base. Check it out. Pause it at :14 it looks like your throwing at the camera not at home plate.

I know, now, i wanna fix that, but im having problems to keep my foot right, cuz its causing me to to feel uncomfortable when i pitch(see number 4 about the making myself smaller or something)

any tips?(pointion my nose down helped a bit during last training)

I really think its just something you have to work at. It’s not like its a little change it’s a huge one and its going to feel very very weird at first so just bear with it and try to fix it as much as possible. It’s also an easier problem to fix because unlike say, the moving hips sooner you can’t always tell if you do it right or wrong. But with your problem all you have to do is look down after you throw and see what your foot did. It’s a little less abstract but also it’s a hard problem to fix because your so used to it. Your going to feel like your body is really closing up.

I always had a very closed stance when i hit and my cousin would make fun of me just a bit saying does that feels good hitting like that. I’m like yea i don’t even notice it. I’m like here let me try it using a regular stance. I evened out my feet and swung i felt like my front foot was a foot open not even with my back foot. It’s just something you’ve gotten used to and will take time to change.

oki, thx:)

see any other problems?

the ones i named?

Bower’s right about the front foot. I don’t want to suggest many changes to your mechanics because I do believe that you’re doing most things quite well. I’m thinking that your problem with the front foot turning so much starts with the idea that you’re reaching forward with it to try to get a longer stride. There seems to be alot going on with that foot. The long stride will only be useful if it’s the result of sideways momentum. Reaching out with the foot for the sake of a long stride adds very little. Focus on your core more. You’re doing well with that early in the delivery but I’d keep my focus there longer. Keep it moving sideways and let the rotation of the core deposit the foot. Check out this clip of Bartolo Colon. It’s a very nice example.

thx alot:)

U guys suggest to use “new mechanics”/ “mechanics improve” in new games?

I got alot of games coming now ( saturday, wednesday, and week after the same)