Comments on my son's technique... pls

try to stay on topm of the ball

Thanks for the feedback, what do you mean by that? Are there any specific drills that could help?

He is on “top of the ball”…
Mark, one pitch? How bout just a bit more?
It’s a warm-up pitch, but his timing is slightly off…not uncommon for a young one like him, I just posted a bunch of advice and drill work for another 9 yr old and it encompassed some advice I had for an 11 yr old…for the most part it dealt with teaching him the fundementals of throwing correctly…I’ll pul it into here for you, it isn’t that your son doesn’t rate his own personal advice…it’s that most kids this age need to understand some basics…perfect them…while continuing to have fun. Then as they mature we can build more and more on a solid healthy, happy base that is eager to learn more and more to get to the upper reaches…anyway I hope this helps.
I think he looks like he can keep pitching and possibly have success given the limited look 8)

[color=blue]keep the hand behind the ball. A simple way to keep that happening is to get a piece of electrical tape around the axis and the idea is to make it make a line that doesn’t wobble.

first and foremost fundemental throwing, start from one knee (Arm side down, glove side toe pointed at what would be the batters back foot or inside corner on a lefty) start from that hi cocked perspective and have him rotate the trunk and bring his chest to his glove (Which is out front at about 45 degree with the thumb down) and deliver the ball, this will also assist you in getting his arm up a little, do this for 15-20 throws at about 15-20 feet then stand and do it again, back up do it again to whatever distance the mound is…this isn’t at full speed just tossing and throwing properly. This should be done every time to throw and have him throwing to a target (Your glove right in front belly button high).
2 other drills I always like on a kid this age are toe touches/taps and step behinds, both should be done from the mound or rubber when there is no mound and to a specific target.
The toe taps are from the stretch go from knee lift to foot strike 3 times (It works on posture and timing) on the third one go ahead and hand break and deliver, work on getting the front foot down as the hand reaches hi cocked, step behinds are just a modification of that and it brings momentum into the picture. start from the stretch aspect behind the rubber, step your front foot onto the rubber, bring your back foot behind and step to where you’d normally place your foot, knee lift and deliver, this should be done in one fluid motion…it’ll take a small amount of practice before he gets it, it also works on posture and timing but it also lets him feel where his knee should orient…it will also help him feel how to open his hips properly. Remember fundementals, posture and timing…his velo and accuracy will improve.
Let us know…

Do these drills over time, don’t try too much, keep him interested and happy about baseball…At his age I’d make sure he has plenty of other things to do and interests…my boy was in martial arts and it was a tremendously positive thing (He ended up fighting in the Jr. Olympics in the Metrodome).[/color]

Thanks jdfromfla, that was exactly what I was looking for. I will post some more vids also.

He loves baseball and wears my arm out. I want to make sure he doesnt hurt himself.

thanks again.


I would agree with the timing…looks like he decelerates at the end. I suggest teaching him to tuck his glove into his armpit as his throwing arm goes towards home plate like in the clips here

Keep playing catch with him and enjoy the time together.

I agree with the comment above…glove side mechanics needs work it can also fix the “being on top” thing. Have him pull his glove hand to his chest or even under his left arm pit, right now he is only throwing with his throwing arm vs throwing with the right and pulling the ball through with his left.