Coming back

ok today i pitched 5 1/2 innings i gave up 7 runs 6 uneraned runs . my defense gave up about 10 errors. everything i threw was a grounder to one of the infielders and they were all making errors. i was getting so pissed. my coach told me i did a fine job he said i did my part of throwing low strikes and making them grounders. how can i get back my confidence and just forget about it and think positive.

Your confidence should be fine. 1 unearned run is a great job in how many innings you pitched no matter what level you are at. Probably the best advice I can give you is that the game a baseball is cruel and nice at the same time. This time your defense made alot of errors. And you’ll see, later in the season you’re not going have your best stuff and your defense will make plays on extremely hard hit balls and or the other team will hit lasers all over the place they will be hit right at your defense. So relax it’ll even out.