Coming Back from Tommy John, College Tryouts

In two weeks and one day I will be exactly 11 months into my rehab from Tommy John Surgery. I, like a lot of pitchers out there, decided to model my mechanics after a pro last year. Unfortunately i was horrendously out of shape and my pitcher of choice was tim lincecum. Haha. Needless to say I left my elbow WAY above my shoulder plane when delivering the ball and the load on my ucl was too much. Since i have been across all sites and sat on Chris O’learys the most. With this i believe i have developed pretty sound mechanics. I will post pictures next week as that is when I begin to throw off of a mound for the first time since the op. Until then I am just looking for all kinds of advice. Throwing program. Running Program. Eating Program.

Currently I am throwing/long tossing 3 days a week as my PT instructs me. I am able to air it out to about 80-85 yards for the last 20 or so throws.

Before and after throwing my partner and I run a mile. After the first we stretch after the second we run 6 100yard sprints. Then once again stretch.

The only thing i am worried about is my body not being strong enough again and my arm geting tired and throwing my mechanics out of sync. Once again I will post pictures as soon as I am able to get them.

I am currently 6’4 230 but I am looking to get down to 220 and be in better form.

Any tips or really anything would help

University of Nebraska Omaha

I, like a lot of pitchers out there, decided to model my mechanics after a pro last year. Unfortunately i was horrendously out of shape and my pitcher of choice was tim lincecum. Haha. Needless to say

With a physique like yours… and past experience, you mention NOTHING about avoiding said same … by using the services of a pitching coach. And I don’t mean some guy on the University’s payroll who just happens to know-some-one-that-knows-some-one.

I’ve worked with rehab guys for years and I can tell you point blank - your headed for the same thing all over again. Don’t go there.

If your serious about this:

find and retain a pitching coach that has worked with REHAB schedules and training tables.
find and retain a certif’d trainer who has worked with REHAB schedules and training tables.
both of these pro’s will monitor your medication, diet, weight to muscle mass ratio and a ton of other stuff.
and finailly, if there pro’s there going to cost you $.

Coach B.

One of my fundemental differences with Chris is that he recommends emulation. I recommend you pitch like you. Your body, body mass, arm, mind all relate differently to a given situation…keep in mind if it was so simple as copying we’d all be major leaguers and it would pay about the same as McDonalds. TJ has a very rigid rehab schedule that I’ve heard time and again that is so crucial that you follow to the letter…heed the Coach, if you have to get a second job…just come back right to the game.

I have not moved away from the program given to me by my physical therapist one bit. Also I refuse to pay for services i can easily provide myself. I am currently in the clear for workouts and all other things due to the fact that my elbow is pretty much in the clear for repeat injury. I can actually feel in my elbow if my mechanics are wrong when I throw. I just need to work on my strength. The only reason I look to model myself after major leaguers is that MOST have specific aspects of their delivery that allows them to generate ridiculous power through their legs up the trunk and finally into the arm. If you look closely you can relate A LOT between pitchers such as lincecum, nolan ryan, dan haren, and many power pitchers. Im just looking to use these mechanics to build my own. Not copy.

Right On Brother!!!
You can expect good stuff staying on track like that.

I won’t argue this point with you except to say 2 things A) You admittedly already made a wrong choice and B) Of all the pitchers you mentioned, do you think that they learned to maximize what particular traits that they had advantage on, or do you think they used someone elses traits to get them where they were going?
You seem to understand the physics of pitching very well, I would suggest to you that the things they all have in common are; Timing, posture, arm slot (Their own), arm speed, momentum, strength, conditioning, that they have all conglomerated together to acheive what we in electronics term “resonance”…or a perfect balance, which fits them, their body, who they are…May you find your resonance :smiley:

I understand what you mean. Each person has their own mechanics regardless of who they learn from. I will take this advice to heart. I am looking forward to finally bringing my mechanics together off of a mound to see what I need to work on. I look forward to the advice I will be able to recieve once I am able to post pictures. Thanks again everyone.