Coming back from injury

My son is a Junior LH pitcher. He pitched well at a showcase this past fall,clocked at 84 with good control of fb, curve, and change. Everything looked great going into this high school season. However, after his first start of the season in Feb, he developed some pain in elbow. The trainer initially said tendonitus and shut him down for 2 weeks. After that he made another start and after one inning the pain came back. He then went for an MRI which revealed a “stress reaction”. No throwing for 4 weeks and then rehab.

After the 4 weeks went by,he began soft toss, then long toss and then 3 bullpens before his return. Roughly 6 weeks later, he has made 3 starts. All three have not went well. Location and release point is all over the place. Velocity is not there (80mph or less). No movement. No break on curve.

He has no pain and he says he is not afraid to turn it loose. Any thoughts on how long and what needs to be done to get back in the groove. We are thinking about ditching summer ball to work on getting back mechanics and arm strength. Maybe some showcases in June or July if he is ready. Just don’t know what to do to help him.

Could be that he altered his mechanics to protect the sore elbow and those altered mechanics are the issue. Or, could be that he just needs more reps to get back in the groove.

You could post some video in the Mechanics forum to get some feedback.