Color of glove

Does anyone know any rules on what colors gloves can be?

Not something bright and flashy that will distract, or anything that could be confused for the ball. As far as specific rules go word for word I don’t know it but if you’re looking for a glove just follow those rules.

Will having a flashy glove, or flashy cleats that are “too cool” somewhat like having a all white glove or all blue or green glove. will that affect you in the eyes of a scout or recruiter?

It’s hard to say, I would think if you have good talent what kind of gloves or shoes you’re wearing wouldn’t make a difference unless you ACT like you’re too cool. As far as a white glove, I doubt you’d even be able to pitch with it!

are there any rules for two toned gloves?

I’m pretty sure NFHS rules prohibit two-tone gloves for pitchers.

ok thanks for your help i was just wondering because the rule seems to change every year.

Well, then you better check me on that because it’s been a few years since I read the NFHS rules.

I’m sure you’ve seen the gloves that have a place for the middle finger to sit outside of the glove, in fact I think there’s style or name for them. In any event, there’s a sleeve or holster for the middle finger to slip into, on the back, instead of the inside the glove.

I had one pitcher who really had a go-round with one umpire on a pick-off move to first. Neither of the two came away as close friends. But when that umpire took plate duty for one game that my guy was scheduled to start, my boy’s glove action was imaginative - I’ll give him credit for that.

He ripped off the sleeve portion so the middle finger stood out. Then, after raising his glove up to his face to get the sign, he’d flick the middle finger … sort of like saying… #@!%!! you blue!
It only took two batters during the first inning for blue to catch on - clever little guy behind the mask. So, the plate ump called time, walked out to the mound and putting it bluntly … “son, are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?”

Without a moments hesitation, doesn’t my guy tell blue …” after that call on my pick off move two weeks ago, I didn’t know you could think at all.”


Coach B.

The sleeve on the middle finger isn’t for the middle finger. it’s for the index finger. A lot of pitchers and outfielders stick their pinky and ring into the pinky hole, and they slide each finger over 1 slot. Pitchers do this because a lot of them aren’t interested in getting a bone bruise while catching return throws. Outfielders do this because they want to close their glove more powerfully on the run.