Collin 9 Year-old Pitching Analysis


Hi everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on my 9 year-old lefty. He gets a lot of compliments on his form but I have a little experience so I want to ensure we’re going down the right path.

We’ve done two, 1-hour clinics with the varsity coach the last two falls. Honestly, he has picked it up naturally.

Any feedback would be great.



Hey Nate,

I see a lot of nice things going on here in the delivery. Of course it is a little difficult to to analyze any pitcher in slo motion so if you can, please load a video at regular speed. What I do see is:

  1. Nice balance with his head over his bellybutton throughout the delivery.
  2. Good hand break action
  3. Pitching hand stays on top of the ball
  4. Good job with his lead leg
  5. Stays within his driveline
  6. Moves his body sideways staying closed as long as possible
  7. Upon landing his throwing elbow is at shoulder height give a few degrees
  8. Nice stability with landing leg
  9. Braces his front leg and hip well upon landing
  10. Shows some hip/shoulder separation at landing
  11. Nice finish

Very impressive! I would suggest to continue learning proper mechanics through proper throwing drills. He is only 9 so don’t over do it. You can actually have some fun with him teaching him throwing drills. Throwing drills help develop proper throwing techniques. Throwing drills differ from pitching drills. Throwing drills can be done daily because you can do shadow drills without throwing a ball. Some throwing drills I would suggest for your son would include early momentum drills and glove side drills.

Steve C



Thanks for the feedback and drill ideas. I worry sometimes about how much he wants to practice pitching. I want to make sure he’s not burning his arm and himself out.

Here’s the full speed version of the above video.



I totally agree with you. Keep it fun for him and let him enjoy other sports as well.