Collegiate Summer Leagues Steven

Steven, what summer baseball leagues did you play in while in college?

I know the Cape Cod League, New England Collegiate League, and Northwoods are very good competition, but I was wondering what others- if any - are highly competitive. I’m hoping for a league with a good amount of scouts as well.

My college coaches ask every fall where I’d be interested to play but I’m not really sure.

I played 2 years in the CICL (central illinois collegiate league) and 1 year in the jayhawk league for the el dorado broncos in kansas where Roger Clemens played in college. The Jayhawk league was OUTSTANDING because of the national baseball congress (NBC) world series at the end of the year.

The alaska league, jayhawk league and cape cod league are tops. Northwoods is very good, too. It’s really an honor to play anywhere in the summer because there’s so few wood bat leagues and so many players trying to get on a team that you literally can’t go wrong anywhere…

at what point in your career did you realize you were a pro prospect?

what was great about the national baseball congress?

The Jayhawk league is not as good as it once was, same with the Alaskan league. The top two places are the cape and northwoods. Those two leagues have the most prospects according to BA. I played in the woods and it was the best baseball I’ve played while I was in college. Even being in the pros now, nothing has beaten my northwoods experience as of yet.

Just FYI, there are 230-something Cape Leaguers who were on MLB rosters in 2009. I have been to some games there and most stadiums (at least Cotuit and Bourne) have special areas behind home plate reserved for scouts. I have seen as many as 7 or 8 people back there. However, I talked with one (Washington Nationals) scout and he said he follows the players he “picked up” during the regular NCAA season.