Collegiate Summer League Scouting

Do you know if college coaches scout at Collegiate Summer Leagues to look for potential college transfers??

It does happen from time to time, it’s tricky now because of the rules that are in place, but if you’re at a JUCO and are looking to go to a 4 year school it can help get you some attention from the Coaches on your team.

You will see scouts at some summer league games. We have had JUCO guys who play summer ball in my league back home and occasionally a coach will be in the area, and stop by and talk with the JUCO guys about opportunities. It also depends on how far you go in your summer league as well. Summer of 2011 the team I played for made it to the NBC World Series in Witchita, KS. There were a lot of scouts there, both pro and college, looking to find the next guy to help their program out.