Collegiate Baseball subscribers?

Was asked to contribute articles to Collegiate Baseball newspaper ( Any readers here? If so, what pitching topic would you like to see more articles about? (I’ll, of course, write on the topics you post here!)

I would love to see an article on pre-season and in-season conditioning for the college pitching staff.

We have a pretty good grasp but new information and sometimes just seeing it put a different way helps. One area of concern is how to balance out every pitcher on the staff. We have 6’5" guys who weigh 170 pounds. The last thing I want those guys running is long distance. I do not need them losing any more weight. On the other hand, we have 6’1" guys who weigh 230 and probably need more long distance in their routines. We mix short sprints, long sprints, sprint intervals, and distance days. Pitchers have agilities/plyos on non-pen days to help with leg strength and flexibility. I would love to have some thoughts on other approaches.