Hey its still early for me. But i am really looking into colleges. I’m 15 turning 16 next Monday and like idk where to look. I go one of the best high schools in Chicago. Its a selective enrollment school (meaning you actually got to be smart to get in) and like i don’t want to be senior year going through a trillion colleges finding one college and it probably wont even be that good. On here
it shows the top 25 colleges for div 1 baseball. I’m really liking Vanderbilt. They were ranked 15. Do you think its a good college for pitching wise? I only know of it cause David Price went there. But i just don’t want to follow someones footsteps.

Knowing what you want to do after college will help you pick a college that meets your academic needs. But you may not know that yet.

Slow yourslef down there son, The top 25 baseball teams in the country are pretty amzing at baseball and it is extremely difficult to play for them. You come off a tad bit cocky here, but dont be afraid to look at other schools d1, or d2. Vanderbilt is incredibly hard to get into as well. Just look around and see what type of places you would like to go to and get some info on them, and keep playing ball is all you can do.

Yeah i think that was too cocky. I think im starting to realize that d1 is probably out of my league. I think i am going to try for a d2 school instead. It’s just i don’t want to go to school everyday and like work real hard for nothing. I mean if i am actually going to go through high school i want a goal. Like a good college that I know i’ll like but requires hard work to get into is like a REASON for me to go to school everyday. It’s not easy to go to school and try fitting in when half the students are getting high and drunk all the time. You know what i mean?

True but i really don’t know what I want to do yet.

Man I feel you 100 hundred percent!!! Just keep looking up and like ned yost said dont ever let anyone take your dream away. keep working hard.

Sean14 your also a sophomore in high school right? If so what colleges are you looking into at the moment?

Attend as many showcases as you can, that will let you know where you fit in school wise. Also DI and D2 are almost equal in skill in my opinion :slight_smile: I hope you find the best place for you.

Best of luck!

Right now i am just trying to get the lay of the land, what schools interest me, where i wanna go and trying keep getting better. I have recieved a few letters but nothing major.

It’s not too early to be thinking about college ball in my opinion. Have your goals and dreams with a dash of reality too. What I mean by that is go for the schools you want to play at but have a plan B and plan C too.

Besides getting yourself better day by day with your skills I would target the schools you want to attend and contact their baseball office and let them know what your intentions are and what process you need to take to see if one day you are a fit for their program.

Make sure you send them video highlights throughout the year or at the end of each season along with your stats.

Follow up with them occasionally by letter, phone or email.

The goal is to get a representative from the baseball program to watch you play.

While I am here I thought I’d tell you that playing your first one or two years of college ball in community college, DIII or DII is quite alright. I’ve known many players to transfer to a DI school and go on to have a fine college career.

Good luck!

@Sean14: Yeah i know what you mean. Dont you ever feel overwhelmed with all the division 2 schools out there? It really comes down to what state you want to go to pretty much.

@baseball_hitting_tips: Thanks. I really didn’t think about having a plan B or C. When I have some time i’ll look into that. Right now I think plan A is MSU. I can get into MSU with my grades for sure. I had a 3.6 gpa freshmen year and working on increasing at the moment. Plan B… to be determined. But yeah thanks for your tips. I’ll really keep that in mind.

I just love the attention from any college, it helps motivate me