how do i go about getting a scholar ship to the US for baseball?
how do i get chosen?
what is the best way to look good infront of a scout when pitching?

I am not sure if there is a “best way” some of the things you could do is.

Talk with your high school coach and have him make some phone calls for you.
Try and get into some camps (ie TeamOneBaseball, Perfect Game) etc

Send some feeler letters to colleges of your interest stating things like your bio, stats, and things of that nature. It wouldn’t hurt to even attend a camp at your favorite school so they can get a look at you.

Hope this helps


what colleges would you reccomend?

what should i include in the letter?

Go to and check out their recruiting timelime in there is an example of a letter to send off to schools. Also join their forum site, it’s invaluable

As far as schools, whatever school fits your needs academically, remember Education first Baseball SECOND when choosing a school

I agree with Wales, you got to choose a school where you feel comfortable, where you like the coaches, and where you like the academics.

Student-Athlete…student comes first…I sound like my parents :smiley:

Can any one reccomend any colleges that i should send myself to?
and how much?
what program (D1,2,3?)
I would attend a junior college!

Almost all colleges have websites these days. Ncaa has a web page where you can search schools from D-1 down to Juco. Do lots of research and see what might work for you. You can fill out questionaire’s for future players on many sites. This will be your first contact with the coaches.