I’m 5’9" about 170 lefthanded and throw in the low 80’s with a great 12-6 curve a good slider and a decent change up. In my junior season i had location problems and didn’t play much but have the whole summer and my senior year is it to late to play college ball? I know i have the stuff but haven’t had the chance to show it. Can anyone help me out?

Some colleges have a summer camp, and others are willing to conduct other events that can host a “look see” at what you have to bring to the table.

Now if we’re talking UCLA… I’d bet you even money that the competition for a spot on that roster is going to be a squeaker… for everybody.

On the other hand if your talking about Small Town U… now you have a greater degree of flexibility.

But before we get into that stuff… what did you have in mind as a major? In other words… what do you want to be when you grow up. And do you think that college will give you the tools to do so?

Coach B.

Well I want to be an architect but i want to see how far I can take baseball first. My best friends father is Steve Balboni Ex yankee AKA Bye Bye and hes seen me throw a lot and said that if i increased my velocity a bit i could be drafted possibly so the talent is there its just a matter of getting someone to see it