Hey guys, i’m a senior in high school so the college search is under way. Problem is, i have always had the dream of going division 1 somewhere, and i still think that’s possible. i’m not a heavily recruited prospect, i’m from little old vermont so anytime anybodys here its usually for our foliage and not out baseball players. I have a couple options. i can play division 2 as i am getting recruited there and i can definately be a competitive pitcher at that level. i also think i can pitch division 1. but at this point it’d have to be as a walk on. should i look at D2 options? or walk on somewhere? i throw in the mid 80’s. best pitch is the change up. so so hook that i’m really working on this fall. looking to get up to ninety by spring with work in the gym but by then it’s too late to get recruited. it threw low mid 70s last year so nobody gave me a look. and now my velocity increases by the day but it seems like too little too late. any thoughts?

Junior college, look into it

junior college may actually be a good bet for you. It wasn’t the road for me, academically, but if baseball is your #1 priority right now, taking a year at JC may be a good bet. Take it very seriously and it can be a stepping stone to a division one program. Junior Colleges have a reputation for not being challenging academically, and therefore leading to lots of “extracurricular” activities. If you are serious about it, stay focused and you have a better chance of excelling at that level and being picked up by a D1 school the following year.

To add to that, you can get a lot of your core classes out of the way depending on what your majoring in. Also it is a much cheaper option for a year or two.

Ya a 2 year is a great option, if your not heavily recruited then your just going to come in to sit the bench, no sense in that when you can go to a 2 year and get game expierence.

Some pretty good advice on here so far.

If you are throwing mid 80’s and you’re right handed (not knowing your size) you are at best a fringe D1. Prolly more of a d2 option. There is nothing wrong with looking at these division 2 options, plenty of good programs out there. Too many kids get the division 1 ’ itis. Keep your options and eyes open.

If you are throwing 90 in the spring, a division one will find you.

… and it is not too late to get recruited during your senior season. Sure, the money may not all be there, but I signed at my Division 1 the summer after my senior year. I coached an 18u team last summer and many of my seniors signed during the summer also. Fact is, all college coaches are looking for players and talent. They get fired if they don’t win games.