hey guys whats up. i have a 2 part question here.

queston 1: do you think that i can make a D2 maybe a D1 college team just by going and walking on. If so what velocity do you think they would look for.

question 2: I might attend a baseball academy. I already stated this in a previous post. But do you think it would be possilbe if i didn’t got to the academy and went to a personal trainer 2 times per week. perferably monday and saturday in the offseason. Also i can have access to a gym to do long toss and bullpens tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. Do you think by me doing this that i can get even faster next year. I am throwing 79-80mph consistently. But i really want to throw harder. Right now i am about 5"10 and a half with cleats on and weigh 170pounds. You have no i dea how bad i want to make a D2 or D3 college team or maybe even D1.

But do you think that i should have to move away to go to a personal
academy or could i just workout at home and possibly walk on to a college team down in the united States. Right now i live in Alberta. So ya.

Man you got alot of things going on inside that brain of yours all at once…You probably feel a little like this now… :crazy: after a few replies maybe you’ll be closer to this… :happyhappy:

There’s no way anyone who hasn’t seen you pitch could make an educated guess about that. Can you walk on? Yes. Throwing strikes and getting outs is way more important than what your velocity is. Sure. If you can throw 90 you’ll get opportunities no matter what size you are. But you got to accept the fact that your potential genetically is locked in. You can only maximize it by working hard.

and more to the point…choose a college by what it offers academically with the baseball program in mind. Should baseball not be in the cards, you are going to want a good education.

If you dwell on your size it will only make you crazier. Don’t do it. In fact, you should embrace it. Making a college team is tons of work both in the fall and spring. It does seem glamorous but reality sets in soon after fall intersquads start. It’s up to each person to find out if it’s worth it. Is it your desire or an infatuation? I once wanted to be a cropduster. You know, those guys that fly tiny airplanes around and spray cancer causing chemicals on agricultural crops. Man I’m glad I didn’t succeed in that venture… :?

ya dude. I won’t go crazy about my height. I am okay with it that i am only about 5’10. But my moms grandpa was 6’1. So i could still be growing.

Anyways i use all my height to my advantage. My stride is probalyl 105-110percent of my height. So i take less pressure off my arm.

Don’t call me stupid. But do you think this would be a smart idea.

Me and my 3 buddies renting a van or short bus whatever it may be. And going down into the United States and trying to walk on some different ball teams. Ya dude trust me i guarantee you that i will work harder than anyone guaranteed.

Right now i do baseball every day. I do core strengthening, leg, bullpens, long toss. Whatever it may be you just name it and i do.

Its just that being in Alberta, Canada. Really limits my baseball. Just because of the winter time and how many colleges i am near. So ya i might go to the united states even and walk on some teams down their.

I know i can make a D2 team by next year maybe even D1. Its definitely possible.

Also what do you think about amateur colleges. what are they. Are they a level below NCAA or what.

You could play for the UofC dinos. Have you seen any of thier games? Im curious to thier level of play.

ya the calgary dinos they are CCBC

they are Canadian Collegiate Baseball Conference.

I really want to get into NCAA. Thats where you get looked at.

But honestly do you guys think i should go to a baseball academy to get looked at. i know for a fact that i can do all the stuff they do at home. The only think they would do for me would be to get me into a good college into the united states. Do you guys think i should go or not?

I think i might jsut play with a team like the calgary dinos or lethbridge bulls play for 2 years then transfer over to a NCAA team. I am pretty sure you can do that.

For one I’m almost sure you have to be enrolled at the college to try and walk on to the team. So going to multiple colleges and trying to walk on I do not believe would work.

If you make money in the CCBC, then you are considered a professional and the NCAA will not allow you to play. I’m not familiar with the league because I’m in FL.

Your best shots at getting into the NCAA would be to
1) Make videos of you pitching bullpens and send it out to lots of colleges, D1,D2,D3, JUCO, NAIA
2) Go to the baseball academy you speak of. Before you go I would check their history and see if the players do go to NCAA colleges or what happens with all of them or if it is just a big money scam.

Also remember D3 colleges cannot give out athletic scholarships. Or if you are set onto walking on to a college then that won’t matter. You will have to start showcasing yourself if you really want to play in the NCAA

ya okay dude. Ya today i just went into my backyard and started pitching with the radar gun. I was consistently throwing 79-80mph and my arm feels great. The season just started and usually i do alot of long toss during the summer. I am at the ball diamond every single day. My goal is to hit 85mph this year. I know that means i have to gain about 5mph on my fastball but if i consistently continue to do my core strengthening and leg strengthening as long with long toss and bullpens i know for a fact that i will hit 85mph. I know that will be good enough to get me into a D2 school. Plus i still got another year left. So i am feeling really good about my future.

This is tricky, because like a previous poster said, you’ve got to be enrolled at the college to tryout for the team – and it’s no guarantee. So if it were me going this route, I’d make sure the college you choose is the one that offers the BEST academic program that jives with your interests.

Additionally, if you knew you were going to be trying out for the team, I’d call the coach (or the assistant) or send an email and try to start a dialog with him. Find out what they need. Find out where you might fit in. Be honest about your desires and contributions, etc.

Even better than working out on your own would be to play summer ball… Can you get on a team that will give you lots of innings? And then, yes, you can be doing lots of weight room work in between your pitching appearances - just like all the top college pitchers who go and play summer ball in the Cape Cod League or the Jayhawk League or the Alaska League. All we used to do in the summer was play ball and weight train in preparation for the fall college season.

hey steven. I do play summer ball. Well lol its the only season we have around here. It starts in first week of may and ends in the end of August. But ya i do get alot of innings. This year so far i completed 2 games and i am our ace so ya its good. But ya i start training for baseball in about 2nd week of march. Its like -20 out and i am outside playing catch lol with underarmor on. Kind of depressing i don’t live in the united states. lol.

But ya i do concentrate on my academics. But i just have a passion for baseball. I could not dream of diong anything else other than baseball. o

Do you ever travel with your Summer team and do showcases? That is where you will get noticed and you really can compare yourself to other pitchers/players. I know I’ve played some Canada teams in showcases especially in the Georgia WWBA.