Hi first post here,

I am a 6’4 190 lbs., 16 years old, lefty pitcher who just seriously started to pitch around age 13, 14. I have played baseball my whole life, just got to the hill a little later.

I have a 77-80 mph fastball, an above average curve, and a decent change. I have a good K/9 ratio and my ERA this summer was hovering around 3.

Be honest now, is there anyway I can play college ball? And if there is, what do I have to do to be sure?


Your size and left handedness is going to get you a lot of attention.

I dont know if you are going to the gym, but if you aren’t working out would help a ton. If you don’t know of a workout I would recommend Tuff Cuff. Then I dont know what your mechanics look like but some mechanical work may add more to that fast ball and prevent injury. 77-80 is pretty good for a 16 year old and a lefty. The big thing is if you have good control and can get batters out.

Gym time, good safe mechanics, and control would give you a great chance of getting noticed.

Good Luck!

I agree: a tall lefty with room to fill out and a decent fastball already plus you have gotten people out (as evidenced by your era) I think you have a definite possibility of playing college ball. A good way to see what level you could play at, look at guys who have gone on to college baseball in your area and look at their stats, physical build, velocity, movement, control, etc… Then go from their.

You can definitely play college ball somewhere if you really want to. Your size is greatly to your advantage! I wish I was that big, but no I’m super short haha. Be sure to start sending stuff out to the colleges you are interested in early and not to wait. I started going to camps and stuff when I was 16. Look up some good camps and get noticed! Also remember that DIII baseball is out there too…that’s what I’m going to do!!