College World Series - Why You Should Watch

Why watch? To pick up some good tips about pitching - especially if Orel Hershiser is one of the announcers.

Earlier tonight I was watching Texas and Southern Miss. play. Late in the game, SM brought in a pitcher who had some control problems. This pitcher was flying open with his glove causing him to open up early. And that messed up his control. Hershiser noticed this and commented on it. I know I can sound like a broken record talking about stabilizing the glove side. So it was nice to hear Hershiser drawing the same conclusion and giving the same advice. You can pick up some good tips from Hershiser.

Where can I watch this?

ESPN or ESPN2 had the games this weekend.

They have shown almost every game on espn and if something else was on like basketball, they usually show the games on espn 2.

have you guys seen anyone so far who has sat comfortabley in the low 90’s? the only one who i saw that even came close was alex white (i think that’s his name) from unc, but everyone else iv’e seen has been in the mid to high eighties.

How hard does Josh Spence throw? I watched him yesterday and I swear all I saw him throw was a upp 70’s slider or cutter and a low 70s curve. All I watched was 3 innings so maybe I didn’t notice him throwing them.

practically all he threw was breaking stuff, but the few times he did throw his fastball it was in the low eighties.

Those guys that are pitching can amp the ball up a few more mph. They throw fastballs at 85 to 90 % or a little more, depending on how deep they need to go in the game. Once you get in the upper levels of ball, you dont see many kids that just throw the ball as hard as they can.

Edit: what i meant to say was 85 to 90 % of the time they throw their fastball at comfortable speeds. Sorry for the confusion.

that is definately not true because if a guy who can throw 93 would only be throwing 79 at 85%. they are throwing from about 95%-98%

Yeah, 85 was probably to low but my point is that they dont nearly amp up to what they could. I would guess somewhere around 93 to 95 for a starter expecting to go seven. Most of the pitchers that go deep dont even go to the 97% +. That is why Strasburg can hit triples or near it when he wants but scouts have him consistantly in 93-95. He knows he can’t throw every pitch at 98 to 99 when SDSU expects him to throw 120 pitches.

There are also those guys that go out there and give it 95 to 100%, but I dont believe to many starters do because of the work load they know they will be taking on that night.

What amazed me about the game was the amount of side armers I saw. Doesn’t anyone come over the top anymore? LOL

Is there any website I can watch them on? I dont get ESPN in BC

I never watched college baseball until my high school teammate Steve Hosey went to Fresno state. Than I watched every game I could just to see my boy play. Than I started to listen to the commentators breakdown mechanics and hitters counts, pitchers counts and defensive strategies and it helped my game tremendously. Listening to Joe Morgan and all the announcers that give you insights on the whys and hows of good and bad baseball can help all baseball players. They have seen the good and the bad and can tell you why some suceed and fail in this game.