College Trip/Tour

Hey guys, just lettin’ you guys know.
A team that I am in that a coach put together for a tournament, we are going to Louisiana, to visit 3 colleges, LSU, Southern University, and some other college. The best part is, we get to meet the college coaches, they will personally tour us around the school and the baseball field, locker room etc.
I am so exited, only problem I have is, approaching the coach.
I have no clue how to approach a coach and tell him straight up I wanna play for them, who I am etc. I’m shy in meeting new people. I’ve always been like that. My bro wants me to take a copy of my SAT score, and GPA, and talk to the coach specifically from LSU that I am interested in their program, and what does it take etc etc. But I’m still exited, It’s a great opportunity.

If the coaches are going to watch you play. Ask them for an evaluation afterwards and start asking questions about there program. Some goods ones to ask first.

What positions are you recruiting?
What are you looking for at that position?
How do I compare to other players you’ve looked at? (if they’ve seen you play)
And if they’re taking you on a tour ask about the school to.
maybe something like. What are your most popular majors?

You can pretty much be up front with them and tell them you would like to learn more about their program. Try to stay under control but it’s okay to show some excitement, that lets coaches know you’re interested.

Always be respectful and look them in the eye, I know how you feel about being shy I’m the same way and I’m also looking at schools and I know how tough it can be.

And one more big thing, try to get in contact with the coaches before you make this trip so they know to look for you.

Good Luck

I wish we can play in front of them, but nah, its just a tour by the coach

You are right. This is a great opportunity but the best part of the visit may be something you haven’t even thought of. With that in mind, just be yourself. Be what you are. Be open to new concepts. Don’t try to fake anything it will be obvious to others. The perfect fit of academics and athletics is out there. Some don’t find it on the first try. It’s ok. Sometimes we focus so much on the goal, that we fail to enjoy the journey there.

I’d be interested if the other school is a junior college. There are some good programs down there. Remember LSU is recruiting the cream of the crop. If that’s you great.

I’ll try, that’s the best I can do, is try.

LSU would be tough, there’s a good chance they’ve already finished recruiting for there 2010 class. But it wouldn’t hurt to try to contact a member of each of the schools coaching staff

I’m class of 2011, not 2010, so its all good.

Thats good that you’re getting started already.