College summer baseball

When I visited Mount before coming here the coach that lead my tour said that they helped players get onto summer teams.

Is that something they do more in the spring when we actually start playing? Or is that something I should look into now?

I would think that they would want to wait until the spring in order to see us play in more games.

I was just wondering about it.


The term “summer team” is pretty broad. Are you talking about one of the competitive collegiate summer leagues or some adult recreation league in your immediate area? And my experience is that there are a lot of kids playing in the Fall that won’t even be part of the Spring Program let alone being placed in a summer one. So I guess you need to have a spot on the college team in the Spring and you need to perform well enough, so I wouldn’t expect any assistance in finding a “summer team.” It might happen but you’re not entitled to it.

A lot depends on the program.

I know some programs that already have placed their freshmen along with the returning classes on Summer Rosters in leagues like the Valley, NYCBL, Ripken, PG, The Cape, Alaska, Hawaii, Great Lakes etc.

You can always ask your Coach about it now, tell him you’d like to know what league he would recommend (he doesn’t really need to see you play more games since he’s already seen you for the entirety of your fall program and can make a pretty well educated guess about where you project) you play in that would benefit you the most to improve, and then see if he can get you a spot on a team within that league.

Along with that your Coach can usually talk to the Coach of the Summer program at some point in time and tell the Summers Coach how many innings he’d prefer you to either get or not go over, etc.

My freshman year of College I didn’t get placed until near the end of the season but that’s because I never asked until then, my Coach told me if I would if asked sooner I would of had more options.

Hope this helps

Okay that helps. I’m sure we’ll have another individual meeting before the season starts, and I’ll ask him about it then.