College Scouts?

does any one know where you can find the emails of college scouts or athletic departments of colleges

on the college’s webpage

any school that you would want to go to has a website and each of those websites has an athletic department section and in there you will find a link such as “Contact Coach” or something along those lines

for example in less than a minute, i googled "uconn baseball"
clicked the 1st response which was the schools athletic website,
clicked "staff"
clicked "baseball"
and got information for all the coaches such as head coach James Penders

ya just about every college program will have a “contact the coach” link that will bring up a pretty standard questionaire to fill out. another trick though, that will get you directly to one of the coaches, is to go to the athletic program website and try to find a staff directory. many times on there, there will be a link to the personal e-mail of at least an assistant coach and possibly the head coach.