College scholarships

what is the average scholarship for a pitcher at a mid level college

Kinda vague question. Are you asking if you can get a full ride, or if it’s normal for a full ride or do they split it up? The answer is yes to all of the above.
These things can help; Have the highest grades you can, score as high on the SAT/ACT as possible (Get a tudor if necessary, take as many tests as you need to…they cost per test so less is best), present the highest level skill possible, be completely conditioned, educate yourself on what your desired school needs/is looking for (Won’t do you any good to attempt to pitch for a school that has a full staff already on scholarship for example). Don’t restrict yourself to any one school, have several in your sights and find out about each.
Don’t be shy, but also don’t be cocky…be humble, respectful and assertive.