College requirements on bats

Just a heads up to all position players, the college level has changed the bat requirements. I will try to find a link to the rules, I got one sent from my college coach a couple weeks ago. So if your thinking about buying a bat and still in high school I would recommend maybe holding off cause some of the ones you used in high school may not be eligible for the college level.

Btw, these bats are supposed to be deader and just from what I’ve seen in practice thats true. So if your a college pitcher :allgood:

They are not “deader”. What’s happened is, the guidelines on how non-wood bats are certified have changed. The new standard is in essence wood.

FYI, there are some states, CA for one, where they’ve decided to bring the new limitations in, in 2011 for HS play, rather than wait until 2012. The bottom line is, man up and quit allowing your baseball hitting skills to be falsified by equipment. I assure you that anyone watching with any baseball smarts at all, knows the difference and isn’t impressed by equipment. The days where that happened a lot are [size=18]GOING[/size], [size=12]Going[/size], [size=7]gone[/size].