College Recruitment

I’m new to this site and found it because I’ve been searching for anything related to college recruitment for a high school junior RHP who tore his ucl in December of junior year.
I’ve been training intensely for the past 6 months with running program, stretching, lifting, and long toss. I brought my velo up to 90 topping out at 92 this past November, and several D1 schools contacted my pitching coach and wanted footage and I 've been in touch with some of these coaches myself. There is one coach/school in particular I really want to play for. I injured my arm throwing a fastball during a filming. I was not staying within myself because I remember I was trying to do better than before.
I am 16 years old and have never had a sports injury before this.
I had the MRI w/the dye earlier this month, and the radiologist said partial tear, but the surgeon thought it was more like a complete tear and he recommended Tommy John asap since my velocity is high and it will most likely be an issue eventually if I keep progressing and intend to pitch at a high level.
I go for a third opinion tomorrow.
I haven’t thrown a ball for over a month and I feel no pain. I still run and workout, stretch, do towel drills, shoot hoops with no pain or anything, I just haven’t throw a ball.
I am hoping that I am healing on my own and that the first surgeon who read the MRI was wrong about how bad the tear was.
But what do college coaches really think of pitchers who throw hard and have already injured their pitching elbow? Am I considered a huge risk even if I can pitch successfully this season without the surgery?
I think if I have the surgery now and even back strong my senior yr it will be too late to get recruited to play D1. Please tell me I’m wrong.
I’m trying to get a realistic handle on this so I make the best decision for a chance to play D1.
Appreciate any advice.

Check out the high-school baseball web it too has forums and will be a great resource for you. There are many guys who have surgery in HS and go onto play College ball. If you work hard at the recovery if you have TJ the velocity should come back.

I’ve been in/am in your shoes currently. From coaches I’ve talked to, they worry more about shoulder surgery than TJ surgery. The success rate has been so high that TJ doesn’t really bother them too much. In HS I was the Ace my senior year and there was a JR behind me as the #2. We both were recruited by the same D1 school. I injured my shoulder and lost my scholarship to the school. He went there and I went to JUCO. After 2 years, we have both had TJ. TJ Is a lot more common than what you’d expect. Last year on my JUCO team alone we had 5 guys that had had TJ