College recruiting tips



Does anyone have tips on how you should format letter/ emails to college coaches? I am a sophmore right now but will be a junior in the fall which is when they are allowed to read. Also, anyone with expirence from the player persepective who has gone through the recrtuing process and knows the basic logistics of it?


As a parent or a collegiate player, my advice. Be honest with yourself about your skill level. It won’t do you any good to send letters to D1 schools if you’re not D1 ready. Be honest also about why you are choosing to send a school a letter, are you going to play ball or get an education?, both options are fine, but don’t send a letter to a school that doesn’t meet your criteria of what you want to major in if education is your priority. Dont rule out JUCO if playing is a priority. My son did 2 tuition free years, as playing was most important.
Good luck in the process


Thank you so much this made things much clearer on my approach.