College pitcher needing mechanical feedback

Here is the video from todays pen unfortunately we ran and lifted ebfore this so i wasnt as fresh but heres rough shot of my mechanics. I felt i didnt have as much arm speed or power today. Please let me know what you see.

I think your arm slot look ok back elbow in the L position maybe lower . Can’t tell but you want it just below the shoulder. This is more of an injury think. You need to lead with your butt . Glove side leg needs more of a rotational movement. You need more hip and shoulder separation. You look real strong and athletic this is an athletic way to pitch. Good luck.

Are you saying i need to take glove side leg towards back shoulder and counter rotate it? Can you explain what you mean by leading with the butt and separation drills?

Look up the Hershiser drill, this will help with leading with your hips.

with that drill do you have to be 2 feet from the wall because earlier i wasnt making it the 2ft? Do i focus and the hips hitting wall and holding shoulders over rubber or just the hips?

Hershiser drill It’s on this website. The guy in the video is TOM HOUSE. Look up hip and shoulder separation on the net. Best way of using your core. Just wondering if you are from the northern part of the country

I am from texas but i play in Oklahoma city.

If you are around Houston, contact Ron Wolforth. If you are in the DAllas/Fort Worth are try Flint Wallace at Weatherford.

I actually just purchased rons athletic pitcher program however i have not recieved it yet. Does flint wallace teach the samething?

Im not going to get elaborate here but I suggest more back heel to the sky…more drive off that back foot and less drag.

Stay behind the ball a bit longer with your upper half and head…get out front=gain distance to the target.

Flint is one of the instructors at his camps. He does the mechanics analysis of the pitchers at the camp.

The new Athleteic Pitcher is great. The third disc has drills to improve your mechanics.

Slewbacca have you seen the dvd’s and read the new book?(athletic pitcher2)

Sent you a PM

Just wondering why they would have you run and lift before you threw your bullpen?

I have no idea why he decided to have us do that before we threw a pen but none of us were able to throw like we typically do.