College Pitcher Going into Sophmore yr

I’m going into my sophomore year and i missed half of summer ball with elbow tendinitis. Just looking for other people advice and opinions. Any help is appreciated…Thanks for your time.

You’re throwing a bit across your body and cutting your stride off a bit. Other than that i think you have pretty good mechanics.

Looks pretty good. :bigtup:

I can only agree to UndersizedRHP. Looks pretty solid

Looks pretty good. If anything, I’d work on the post-release stuff like landing square and what-not. Throwing in a gym like that got me into a bad habit of falling toward first base and landing without bending my back and it looks like you are starting to do that. Also, I’m a fan of pointing the toe down on leg lift, does it not feel like your ankle is tight leaving it level like that? I’m not saying its wrong, but for me, it feels awkward. (Just curious)

ya, everything in the video was a little sloppy and i have not been throwing off a mound a consistently as i wanted to. Thanks for all of the suggestions…and to answer bosox’s question, it doesn’t really feel tight. It’s weird because i do point it when i’m throwing from the stretch. Totally agree that all of the post release stuff really needs to be worked on. Thanks again everyone…

sorry to bump this thread but I’m looking to improve my velocity. I’m currently in the 86-83 range and I’m looking for anything to give it an extra kick. Our school pitching coach is really poor and this is why i chose to take the advice of the knowledgeable people here. Any suggestions of mechanical tweaks that could allow me to gain mph w/o giving up command?