College levels

Hi all,

I am from Toronto, Ontario and I’m 17 going into my final year of HS. I was wondering how the level of College ball is ranked in the states. I know the highest is D1 then D2 and D3 but what else is there after that? I’ve spoken to a few HS coaches from the US and they said that aside from scholarships there is also the option as being a “walk on”. They told me that I could make a video introducing myself, what I’d like to gain from their program and show my skills and if the coach is interested he would invite for a tryout.

Is any of this correct or is there more to it? Also is now a little too late to contact college coaches or is there still enough time?

Thank you for any responses.


The only thing u forgot was NJCAA which is Jr collage. You also might be running a little low on time to contact collages

There’s also NAIA baseball which most people consider below the D3 level. I started at a D1, went to Juco, and now am headed to a national condending D2. My advice would be to start sending out emails and video of yourself as soon as you can.

Dont put it off at all, establish contact and get things going early. My senior year, I sent videos out ight before the end of my first semester…pretty late. I got a lot of response, but alot of schools were out of money or pretty set with arms.

Players get drafted out of all levels of college ball…as long as your playing and getting better, your in good shape. Another big thing I would recommend is to go where you know you are wanted. This ensures more playing time and opportunity, which is essential in getting exposure.

Best of luck. If you have any questions about what to put in the video or anything let me know I’ve gone through the whole recruiting thing 3 times now, so I could give u some pointers.

^bballboy24, i would like to know about your experiences with the recruiting process, and what you made your videos of.

Unfortunately my senior year is about to begin, and I need to get started soon…

Also, is there a substitute for good statistics? My coaches like my talent, but I didn’t get much playing time, and therefore my stats are a bit lackluster…

If you are going to a Community College, you dont have to join the NCAA Clearinghouse or send them tapes or anything right? Because its not NCAA, and my coach said that the coach basically gets a list of players and takes em based off what their HS coach says. My coach says that it is a good place for me to start and then transfer after 2 years. Id go to a NCAA school, but my grades arent good enough for it and Id rather stay closer to home for my first 2 years of college.

Im a senior this year btw, finally going to be one of the starting pitchers, last year I was used as the closer, but thats because we had two seniors that started every game. I did get one start and went 5 innings, 2 runs.