College lefty pitcher (videos included)

hey guys. im a freshman in college in the north east and i’m going to be red shirting this spring because of upcoming surgery on my torn left hip labrum. since i won’t be able to work with the coaching staff, i thought i’d put this vid of me throwing in early january 2011 (for the first time off a mound in a few months) up and try to get some feedback. i throw consistently 86-88, and have hit 90, but am looking for more mph. if anyone has advice to offer i’d appreciate it.

on a side note, creative/alternative core strengthening suggestions (for this spring while i’m inactive) that i could use in addition to whatever the strength coach has me do would be great.

Your one of the best that I have seen lately. You posture is exceptional. The only things I see are a little higher knee , Turn the hips ( lead a little more with butt), and increase your stride. Your attitude is great . People think they have surgery and just stop working out. You won’t be able to do this but for your core my favorite by far Kettle Bell get ups. This is great for Baseball . Best of Luck.

I agree with the great posture but dont feel that way on the leg kick, I don’t think it should be higher, I think the leg should come about parallel. On the stride, yes I think you definately can get maybe up to a foot farther down the mound…good luck with your surgery.

You will be on a specific rehab program for your hip repair. You may even start PT as early as the day after your surgery. Early on, they will probably not want you doing anything else so heed their advice. My son has had both hips repaired so I’m quite familiar with the process.

Good luck with your surgery.

any suggestions about increasing stride without “jumping out in front”? also, i’ve been trying to tighten up my front side (keep my glove closer to my chest/armpit)…and maybe get my shoulders tilted more up (glove side up, arm side down a little bit) when i break my hands and stride towards home…thoughts?

hah might be a lot to respond to. but i’m gonna have a lot of time off in the next few months…just trying to be productive in whatever way i can. any educated opinions would be greatly appreciated.

If you take a look at the 2nd slow-mo of madison bumgarners side view you see him generating lots of momentum using his lower half. Hes moving forward and quicker to the plate right away. Looking at your sideview video you see you dont start moving towards home plate until your arm break happens. Practicing using the Hershiser Drill and such you can start getting that momentum quicker and might feel that ball steamin out of your hand some more. Good luck with the surgery pal! Think of the positives from it and itll just make you come out more stronger and smarter!

McCovey, you’ve got it! This is exactly what I have talked about, and what I have shared with a lot of people on this post—THE SECRET! I learned it a long time ago, from watching the Yankees’ legendary Big Three pitchers, seeing how they did it, and picking it up and working on it on my own. Getting the whole body into the action, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion—generating more power behind the pitches, taking a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder—throwing harder and faster with less effort, and not a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else in the bunch. I tip my cap to you! :slight_smile: 8)

I am starting to see a trend with a lot of high quality pitchers of all age groups no glutes. They are hard to develop when your gene pool comes up short in this area. They need to be activated on every lift focus on them while lifting. There are very few pitchers in the majors with a small trunk.

Thanks Zita, the funny thing is that it all finally clicked for me while i was recovering from my surgery this past summer. Being stuck on a recliner for a month straight strapped with a sling and Vicodin doin a whole lotta nothin, will give the chance to figure things out i suppose :lol:

thanks for the advice, i appreciate it. ive been told to be more “explosive to footstrike”, basically to be quicker with my stride foot. combining this with the drill McCovey mentioned should be a good place to start.